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Solemn Stream – A Summary
[28 May 2011|3 Comments]

The relationship between faith and bipolar disorder, can at once seem contradictory and without correlation.  But as so many journeys in life, we don’t always know how the path with unfold. ‘Solemn stream – A poetic journey through Faith and Bipolar’, is a collection of poetry and journal style entries that has been compiled over […]

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A Word on Faith
[28 May 2011|No Comment]

This journey is intended to be shared with people from all faiths, as well as for those who draw meaning and inspiration from other sources.  Some of the religious references (in the book) undoubtedly come from my own religious context.  Even then, words like Allah, Lord, and God are used interchangeably, and their different use […]

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A thousand words or a picture’s lure?
[18 Feb 2014|No Comment]

If it takes a thousand words…to equal a picture’s lure I’m still going to try and paint with syllables and verbs And challenge your brain’s synapses right out of the gate Challenging the inclination towards a path of least resistance With a harrowing tale conveyed with riddle and rhyme persistence And if I must hint […]