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Sandcastle of feelings
Posted in Poetry on 29 May 2011
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Diving deep and fast Tired of saving myself Have I the right to be depressed? Will I be deemed as dependant? It seems I prop up a facade of strength As the years and expectations steadily rise Everything I purport to want seeming to be close And yet the saboteur in me claims it’s out […]

Solemn Stream – A Summary
Posted in Book on 28 May 2011
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The relationship between faith and bipolar disorder, can at once seem contradictory and without correlation.  But as so many journeys in life, we don’t always know how the path with unfold. ‘Solemn stream – A poetic journey through Faith and Bipolar’, is a collection of poetry and journal style entries that has been compiled over […]

A Word on Faith
Posted in On Faith on 28 May 2011
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This journey is intended to be shared with people from all faiths, as well as for those who draw meaning and inspiration from other sources.  Some of the religious references (in the book) undoubtedly come from my own religious context.  Even then, words like Allah, Lord, and God are used interchangeably, and their different use […]

Lightning Crashes
Posted in Poetry on 23 May 2011
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Lightning Crashes Thunder rolls Thought control Words recalled Knocking down the wall Dividing the City Be it Jerusalem or Berlin We take the purest things And drench them in sin These words of mine From my mind In scatter form Outside the norm Maybe worth decoding For my bipolar psyche Is in a pendulum swing […]