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Shattering the stigma of mental illness and addressing the folly of the world at large

23 September 2013 Bipolar, Poetry 2 Comments

mental illness

So it goes, and so we sow, and so we reap from what we’ve sown, and taste the sweet or bitter fruits that have or will soon grow.  The stream of consciousness and it’s manifestation in words, seems to be gushing in hard to measure flows.

I seem to have become an observer of the human experiment, taking detailed notes, while day to day ‘regular’ pursuits are somewhat neglected or put on hold.  What do I have to utter, pronounce, state, or shout out to you to get your undivided attention and have it hold?

Opportunities abound to move forward a greater cause, to amplify a movement, and fulfill an inner need to make a tangible and transformative difference…but will my limitations, hesitations, procrastination, and timidity stand in the way of what could otherwise be part of making history?

What do I speak of, and will I get to the point?  I speak of shattering the stigma of mental illness through creativity, observation, inspiration, and faith’s reflections, and by extension addressing the folly of the world at large, by introducing compassion, sensitivity, and a new way of ‘seeing’.

Is that a grand enough vision for you to scoff at, ridicule, or dismiss out of hand, or will you affirm the worthiness of the cause, and join me, even if it be just by truly ‘listening’ and changing how you view it ‘all’?

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  1. I am truly listening. I wanted to share a poem with you that my Mom, Helen Allen, who had bipolar disorder wrote:

    “Somewhere between hope and despair,
    There must be a middle place,
    I wish I was there.”

    Thank you for taking up this important cause.

  2. Thanks for listening Jeanne, and for sharing that lovely poem that says it all both concisely and eloquently.

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